Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reserve Grand Champs...First Time Out!!!!

So the story continues,we did great at our first competition this past weekend up in Bakersfield at the Biggest Baddest BBQ competition put on by the California BBQ Association it was also KCBS sanctioned.We took 1st in brisket,2nd in ribs,8th in pork and a middle of the road 34th in chicken.I know exactly what I did wrong with the chicken so next time that problem will be fixed,anyway we did well enough to take 2nd place overall out of 54 highly skilled BBQ teams!It just goes to show hard work,dedication,passion,love and a whole hell of a lot practice can get it done!..So our next comp will be in Costa Mesa on june 12th so any of you readers that would like to come down Saturday afternoon and taste my food your more than welcome.I'm still super happy about the outcome and I feel like it's going to be a great rookie season..hopefully rookies of the year!..thanks again to all of you for the love and support.I would also like to give the BIGGEST! thank you to my teammates my son Matthew Dalton I love you son! MR James Miranda for watching endless fires,Larry Reagins our tech man and one of my best friends since childhood and to chef Max Becker one true friend and excellent mentor!Here is a picture of me and my buisness partner Moe Lyons with our hardware..they call these trophy's B.A.T.'s (big ass trophy's)