Wednesday, January 12, 2011

California Rookie Team Of the Year!!..Left Coast Q!

This season for us was a dream come true!After a long hard fought battle we came out on top of the rookie field.Our buddies Tom and Andy from T&j's backyard bbq were right on our tail till the very end!We have met so many good people in this adventure it's amazing how nice the bbq community is a little recap of our season and thanks to all who came out and showed us love!
Bakersfield 1st brisket,2nd ribs,8th pork(reserve grand champ)54 teams
Costa Mesa 19th overall 57 teams
Santa Maria 1st brisket,2nd pork,8th chicken(reserve grand champ)26 teams
Vista 6th pork 18th overall 45 teams
Harrah's 1st brisket,4th pork 7th overall 30 teams
Mesquite 3rd ribs,7th chicken 6th overall 47 teams
Lancaster 1st pork,4th chicken 3rd overall 30 teams
Golden Acorn 3rd pork,8th brisket 5th overall 25 teams
Wildomar#1 2nd brisket,3rd ribs 3rd overall 45 teams
Wildomar#2 7th pork 14th overall 43 teams

We also cracked the top ten in the state at #9 overall,6th in brisket,8th in pork and finished at 111 in the COUNTRY out of about 7,000 teams! are a few pics of the hardware